Same-Day Crown Replacement in Reston VA

A broken or cracked tooth can cause discomfort and affect your oral health. Dental crowns offer a reliable solution to restore damaged teeth.

This quick guide explores same-day crown replacement in Reston, VA so you know what to expect during your visit. 

What Exactly Is a Dental Crown

A crown is a custom-made cap placed over a tooth to replicate the look and feel of your natural enamel. This treatment restores your tooth’s shape, strength, and appearance. Benefits include reinforcing weak teeth, improving aesthetics, protecting from further damage, and enabling normal movement when chewing and speaking. 

What Happens During a Same-Day Crown Replacement in Reston, VA?

Yes, it can. A CEREC crown is crafted from a single block of porcelain and can be fitted in one appointment. There are several steps involved:

  • Your appointment begins with a consultation and exam to assess your needs and determine whether a crown is the best solution for you.
  • Digital impressions are taken for precision. Traditional molds are replaced by a digital scan of the tooth.
  • Your dentist designs the crown digitally, customizing it to fit your tooth precisely. Great care is taken to make sure the crown’s color matches your other teeth for a natural appearance.
  • The crown is made from ceramic material.
  • Your dentist fits the crown on your tooth and bonds it in place using dental cement.
  • Adjustments to the fit and bite are fine-tuned for your comfort.
  • The crown is polished for a realistic appearance.
  • During the last step of your same-day crown replacement in Reston, VA, your dentist verifies the crown meets your expectations in terms of appearance and comfort. You will be given information on dental crown care

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