Same-Day Emergency Dental Visit

You Need a Same-Day Emergency Dental Visit if You Experience One of These 6 Signs

Dental care is intimidating for many people, and it becomes even scarier when it’s an emergency.

What is a dental emergency, though? Here are six signs you need to book a same-day emergency dental visit in Herndon, Virginia!

When Should I Visit the Emergency Room Instead of My Dentist?

The majority of dental emergencies rarely require the actual emergency room, however there are some instances where you simply cannot wait and need to seek medical attention as soon as possible, with or without your dentist.

You should visit the ER instead of your dentist if the medical issue you’re facing is posing immediate life-threatening harm to you. Additionally, if you are losing consciousness, struggling to breathe, throwing up blood, or showing signs of a seizure or stroke, then that warrants a hospital visit.

What Are Signs I Should Book a Same-Day Emergency Dental Visit in Herndon, Virginia?

If the issue you’re facing does not pose immediate risk to your life or long-term health, but it still warrants same-day care, then you can see your dentist instead of heading to the ER. Signs that you need urgent dental care but not necessarily the emergency room are the following.

  1. Your gums are bleeding. 

Bleeding gums should be taken seriously and seen by your dentist as soon as it happens, especially if the bleeding is frequent and / or won’t stop. It’s often a sign of gingivitis, which can lead to more severe dental disease including periodontitis.

  1. Your tooth has sustained damage.

If your tooth is cracked, broken, gray, or otherwise seems abnormal in appearance due to injury or oral disease, it’s important to address it in a timely manner. Preservation of your natural tooth is incredibly important, so the sooner you receive care, the better.

  1. Oral structures have been injured.

If you have recently been injured in the jaw or mouth, get to your dentist right away. Trauma to these areas can result in long-term damage that may not be so easily fixed if not immediately addressed.

  1. You suddenly lose your tooth.

A loose tooth or outright knocked-out tooth as an adult is incredibly scary. After all, these teeth are supposed to be permanent.

In the event your tooth has come out, try to put it back in its place and gently bite down to keep it secure in its socket. If you are unable to, put it in milk or your own saliva. The goal is to preserve your tooth as best as possible for reimplantation, which is possible under the right circumstances.

  1. You have severe or chronic pain.

Toothaches occur for a variety of reasons and many are usually benign. It’s an emergency if the pain you’re experiencing is severe and / or persistent even if you try to alleviate this pain, especially when accompanied by a fever. Call your dentist for a same-day emergency dental visit in Herndon, Virginia if this sounds like your experience.

  1. You notice a bump on your gums.

A bump on your gums may be a gum boil, which is a pus-filled, swollen “pimple” that occurs when bacteria buildup causes an infection. It may be painful and tender, and it can release discharge into your mouth. This infection can also spread elsewhere, so take care of it the second you notice it.

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