Emergency Tooth Extraction in Herndon

No one wants to have a tooth extracted if they can help it, which is why you’re probably wondering if it’s necessary.

Here are the signs you need to know to determine if an emergency tooth extraction in Herndon, Virginia is a must!

These Three Symptoms Indicate You Need Urgent Dental Care and May Need a Tooth Extraction

  • Bleeding that won’t stop: If you’re experiencing bleeding and you can’t put a stop to it no matter how hard you try, you have a dental emergency and need care as soon as possible. It’s better safe than sorry when it comes to your health, so don’t neglect what your mouth is telling you.
  • Loose or knocked-out tooth: Your adult teeth are meant to be permanent, so it’s incredibly concerning when one becomes loose or even gets knocked out. If your tooth is loose, you may need an emergency tooth extraction in Herndon, Virginia. If it’s been knocked out, act immediately and see your dentist within 30 minutes of it happening for a higher chance of saving it.
  • Persistent and / or severe pain: Much like bleeding, toothaches are already less than ideal and can indicate severe, complex issues with your oral health. A toothache that is chronic or incredibly painful is a sign that you have an emergency on your hands.

Additionally, if you experience swelling or have recently sustained a jaw injury, it’s time to get care as quickly as possible.

When You Need Urgent Services Like Emergency Tooth Extraction in Herndon, Virginia, Here’s What to Do Next

Come to Perfect Smiles of Reston, where we understand how scary a dental emergency can be. Our compassionate team provides amazing care and helps you feel calm during even the scariest of situations.

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