How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost in Reston

If you’ve never had the need for a tooth extraction such as a dental emergency, the process can seem foreign and the cost can seem startling.

The price can vary greatly depending on the type of extraction needed. So, how much does tooth extraction cost in Reston, Virginia? Let’s break it down.

What Are the Types Of Dental Extractions?

There are two main types of dental extractions based on the condition of the teeth and mouth. Naturally, the more complex the procedure and treatment the more expensive it’s going to be. 

  • Simple extraction: This type of tooth extraction is the least complicated extraction and generally has the shortest healing time. This is when a tooth that has already erupted into the mouth is removed.
  • Surgical extraction: Surgical intervention may be needed to remove a tooth. Gum tissue and / or bone will need to be removed to be able to access the tooth for removal. This happens when the crown (the part of the tooth that has enamel) is partially or fully below the gumline and needs to be cut out or when a tooth breaks off and the majority of it is at or below the gumline.

Another type is wisdom tooth extraction. While it isn’t its own category of extraction, it’s normally a very involved process and requires surgical extractions. Most patients elect to be sedated for this procedure. 

The dentist will perform an examination of your teeth and mouth to determine what type of extraction is necessary. Your dentist may be able to perform the extraction in their office, or they may refer you to an oral surgeon. 

How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost in Reston, Virginia? 

Simple extractions are the least inexpensive and range anywhere from $75 to $250 per tooth. Surgical extractions are higher in cost, ranging from $180 to $550 per tooth. And wisdom tooth removal tends to be the most expensive, coming in at $120 to upwards of a few thousand dollars. 

Wisdom teeth are usually removed two or four at a time, and the cost of sedation can be very high. Many offices offer in-house or third-party financing options to help pay for tooth extraction costs.

After an extraction, you may be interested in restorative dentistry services such as dental implants. These treatments have a separate fee, which you can ask about at the time of your extraction.

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