Free Dental X-Rays in Virginia

Free Dental X-Rays in Virginia

Dental X-rays are a very important diagnostic tool that is used by your dental team. Without X-rays, your dentist can’t see if any cavities are growing in-between your teeth.

But, dental X-Rays aren’t only used to detect cavities. 

They are also used to monitor bone levels in the mouth to evaluate for periodontal disease, detect an infection at the base of the tooth or root, check for any possible foreign objects in gum or bone in the mouth, monitor tooth eruption, screen for oral cancer, and many more diagnostic reasons. 

How Long Do Dental X-Rays Take?

There are several different types of dental X-rays that may be utilized by your dentist or dental hygienist. Below are the three most common X-rays that are taken in the dental office: 

  • A basic set of X-rays, also known as bitewings, can take as little as a few minutes. Bitewings are the type of X-rays most commonly used for evaluating bone levels and for detecting any cavities.
  • A panoramic X-ray takes less than five minutes to get you situated in the machine and about 15 to 20 seconds to take the image. It is used for evaluating tooth eruption patterns, looking for abnormalities like cancer or cysts, and for a better view of the oral cavity.
  • A full-mouth set of X-rays, also known as an FMX, is 12 to 20 images. It’s almost like taking a picture of each and every tooth. The apex (root of the tooth) to the crown (part of the tooth you can see in your mouth) are captured in these images. This can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on clinician skill and patient tolerance.  

How Often Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

The frequency of dental X-rays needs are dependent on each individual’s oral condition. If someone has rampant cavities, they require more frequent imaging than someone who hasn’t had a cavity in five years. 

The American Dental Association, or ADA, has set a Standard of Care and has helped set laws with each state to protect dental patients. Most states by law require that dental X-rays be taken at least once every two years.

This is important because in two years a small little cavity can grow so large that it enters the pulp chamber and now that tooth requires a root canal treatment. If the cavity is caught earlier on in dental X-rays, a filling can be done to prevent the decay from growing so far into the tooth. 

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-rays are safe due to their very low levels of radiation and other protocols in place. 

The clinician taking your images will use an apron that has lead inside to cover your torso and neck. This blocks any of the X-rays from hitting vital organs. 

During the diagnostic procedure, the machine is set at the lowest and most effective settings possible so the X-ray exposure is “As Low as Reasonably Achievable,” or ALARA. Dental X-Ray radiation exposure is so low, the amount of radiation you would receive from an FMX is less than the radiation received from a 5-hour airline flight. 

Free Dental X-Rays in Virginia: Are They Actually Gratis?

Many dental insurance companies cover this type of imaging at 100% when used as the plan allows. For instance, they likely pay the full fees charged by your dentist once every year or every two years when used for preventative means. But, you would have to pay for X-rays for a dental emergency out of pocket if you’ve already received your free images.

The cost of dental X-rays vary depending on which type is required and how many of them are needed. The range is anywhere from $25 to $750.

If you have a concern about cost, you can ask your dentist about payment options. If you’ve had dental X-rays taken within the last two years at another office, you can request to have the records sent to you to help save money. 

Where Is the Top Practice Offering Dental X-Rays in Virginia? 

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