Crown Cost in Herndon VA

Damaged teeth can negatively impact your health and overall quality of life in multiple ways, but a dental crown can often reverse the effects.

Wondering about the crown cost in Herndon, VA and how much you can expect to pay for treatment overall? Just keep reading to find out!

What Is a Dental Crown, and What Are They Used For?

A dental crown is a cap that is used to restore and protect a decayed, weak, broken, or otherwise damaged tooth.

These caps are made of materials like porcelain, metal, and ceramic, and are custom made to fit your tooth. They have the shape and feel of your natural teeth.

Crowns are often placed over teeth after a root canal to save a damaged tooth.

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost in Herndon, VA?

The cost of dental crowns typically ranges from $500 to $2,500. It varies depending on many factors, such as the material it’s made out of, whether or not you require additional procedures, and which tooth is affected.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Crowns?

When it’s medically necessary, dental insurance may cover 50% of the cost if you’re past your waiting period. If you’re concerned about paying for your treatment, you should discuss payment options with your dentist.

How Long Does a Dental Crown Last?

Because the crown cost in Herndon, VA can be a bit pricey, durability and longevity are incredibly important. Depending on the material and how well you care for your teeth, dental crowns usually last five to 15 years.

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