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  • Don't Keep It A Secret: Tell Us About Your Dry Mouth
    Millions of people suffer from mouth dryness, but most people just never talk about it. As your dental care providers, we don't want you to keep it a secret anymore Read more
  • Clean Your Tongue — It Can Help Reduce Bad Breath
    We are often asked about the role the tongue plays with bad breath or halitosis, as it is known medically. The truth is that everyone will experience it at some Read more
  • Understanding Tooth Sensitivity
    Tooth sensitivity is an issue that can range from a slight twinge at times to downright excruciating pain. However, before we continue, understanding the cause of tooth sensitivity is helpful Read more
  • Are Dental X-rays Really Safe?
    Yes, dental x-rays are a safe and vital tool we use for measuring and monitoring your oral health. We feel it is imperative to ensure that our patients have the Read more
  • Keeping Tooth Decay At Bay
    CAMBRA — Caries Management By Risk Assessment Worried about tooth decay? Dental Decay is one of the most common and infectious diseases known to man, but it is also very preventable. Read more
  • If You Snore, Please Read More!
    Do you constantly feel like you are running on empty? Do you snore, feel like napping every day, or even drink multiple cups of coffee just for the caffeine boost? Read more
  • What You Can Expect With Treatment Of Gum Disease
    At some point in every person's life, they will experience bleeding gums or gingivitis, a mild inflammation of the gingiva (gums), which is the first stage of periodontal (gum) disease. Read more
  • Facts About Dental Injuries From Sports
    No one participates in sports or recreational activities with the goal of oral or facial injury. However, the facts reveal two things: sports injuries are the number one cause, impacting Read more
  • Planning Your Wedding Day Smile Makeover
    In a recent online poll conducted by Dear Doctor, the premier oral healthcare resource for consumers, 77% of those polled planned on visiting their dentist prior to their wedding. For Read more
  • Understanding The Types Of Dental Implants And Restorations
    Thanks to technological advances, today there are more than 40 types of traditional or standard implants. A traditional dental implant actually replaces the root of a tooth, upon which a Read more
  • Considering Veneers for a Hollywood Smile?
    Veneers can give you a beautiful star-worthy smile, but is it right for you? If you're looking for a dazzling smile, veneers could be the answer. Veneers are tooth-colored shells made Read more
  • Smile Makeovers Before The Big Day — Your Wedding
    For many brides and grooms, planning for their wedding is something they start weeks, months or even years in advance. Obviously for most couples, these plans include finding the perfect Read more
  • Fruits and vegetables can help prevent oral cancer
    March 3, 2011 -- Oral healthcare professionals can play an important role in preventing oral cancer by educating patients about oral cancer prevention strategies, including eating lots of fruits Read more
  • Did You Know That Diabetes And Periodontal Disease Have A Lot In Common
    Did you know that recent research has shown diabetes is a risk factor for increased severity of periodontal (gum) disease and that periodontitis is a risk factor for worsening blood Read more
  • Tooth Care (Or Consequences)
    However unsexy, nuts-and-bolts dental hygiene is key to keeping your smile young-looking. "Your teeth control the lower third of your face," says New York City dentist Michael Apa, D.D.S. Their Read more
  • Welcome to our blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Perfect Smiles of Reston!Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Reston area, we're excited you are here. With the Read more

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