Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointment in Reston

You can plan every detail of your day to the minute, but you can’t be sure an accident won’t happen.

In the event it involves your teeth and / or gums, you may need a same-day emergency dental appointment in Reston.

Here Are Five Common Signs You Need a Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointment in Reston

How do you know whether you need to schedule a visit right away or if it can wait? If you have a life-threatening dental emergency, you should visit the ER. Otherwise, a dentist offering a same-day appointment should be contacted. They can let you know if you need immediate attention.

If you’re experiencing discomfort from any of the following, urgent dental care is very important. See a professional for the following reasons or any other symptoms that have you in distress.

  1. Soft tissue injury in the mouth: A soft tissue injury, including cuts, punctures, or tears to the gums, lips, or cheeks, can result from accidents or trauma. Immediate attention from an emergency dentist is essential to assess the extent of the injury, control bleeding, and prevent infection. The dentist will provide proper cleaning, stitching if necessary, and guidance on care to promote optimal healing.
  1. Knocked-out, damaged, or dislodged tooth: A missing tooth requires swift action for the best chance of preservation. Hold the tooth by the crown (not the root), gently rinse off debris, and try to reinsert it into the socket. If this isn’t possible, place it in milk and seek care immediately. The dentist will assess the tooth, reposition it if feasible, and discuss potential restoration options.

Trauma can cause a tooth to crack, chip, or become dislodged. Preserve any tooth fragments, rinse the mouth gently with warm water, and seek emergency dental care. The dentist will evaluate the damage, possibly reposition the tooth, and determine the most suitable course of action, which may include bonding, crowns, or other restorative measures.

  1. Severe toothache: A serious toothache can be a sign of an underlying issue, which may include a tooth infection, decay, or trauma. It’s vital to alleviate pain and address the root cause. The dentist will conduct a thorough examination, likely perform X-rays, and recommend appropriate treatments, which may include root canal therapy, extraction, or other interventions.
  1. Abscess: A dental abscess is a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection. Emergency care is critical to drain the abscess and prevent the infection from spreading, as well as to stop the pain. Your provider may prescribe antibiotics after performing a drainage procedure. They will discuss further dental treatments to address the underlying cause.
  1. Lost or broken dental restoration: A lost or broken dental crown, bridge, or filling exposes the vulnerable underlying tooth structures. Seeking urgent dental care ensures prompt restoration to prevent further damage and discomfort. The dentist will assess the situation, address immediate concerns, and discuss options for repairing or replacing the lost or broken restoration to maintain the tooth’s integrity.      

It’s important that you stay calm when experiencing any of the above concerns. Not only is it helpful so you can make the best decisions regarding your care, but it also helps to manage pain. Stress can often make symptoms worse, especially when it comes to discomfort.

Outstanding Emergency Dental Care in Reston When You Need It Can Be Found at Perfect Smiles of Reston

For a same-day emergency dental appointment in Reston, turn to Dr. Aramesh Darvishian at Perfect Smiles of Reston. Call us today at 703-982-7355 to be seen as quickly as possible! Be sure to ask about our preventative services to help keep your oral health in peak condition.

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