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The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

It is possible to restore damaged teeth in one office visit with CEREC crowns. Teeth that have been worn down or 0955618001533744258.jpgdamaged due to injury or infection are not always able to perform normal biting and chewing functions without pain, discomfort, or sensitivity. Those teeth can be restored with CEREC crowns so they can resume normal functioning. Additionally, CEREC crowns protect teeth from sustaining further damage. At Perfect Smiles of Reston, Dr. Aramesh Darvishian and Dr. Ihab Abboud are your Reston dentists for CEREC crowns.

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC is a machine that forms digital impressions of a patient’s teeth using CAD/CAM technology and 3D photography. The digital impressions are then used to create custom crowns. CEREC eliminates the need to create a physical mold of the teeth. Further, since the digital impression can be made right away, there is no need to send a physical mold to a lab and then wait several weeks for custom crowns to be made.

Benefits of CEREC

CEREC technology has several benefits. It can be used to repair damaged teeth and restore your smile in one appointment. Additionally, patients do not need to sit through the messy and uncomfortable process of creating a physical mold of the teeth since everything is done digitally. There is also no waiting several weeks for custom dental work to be created from a physical mold in a lab. In Reston, CEREC crowns are available at Perfect Smiles of Reston.

CEREC is an exciting advancement in dental technology that can be used to strengthen and restore weak or damaged teeth. In one day, you can restore damaged teeth so normal biting and chewing functions can resume. For CEREC crowns in Reston, schedule an appointment with Dr. Darvishian or Dr. Abboud by calling Perfect Smiles of Reston at (703) 955-4440.

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